Phractle is the very essence of the physical manifestation of the God particle. There is no other way to explain how Phractle exists except deep within the soul of every living being, human or otherwise reverberating throughout evolution, ever since the big bang.

Somewhere in your pineal gland, there is a spark that sets forth a precedence that is the electronic. You can experience this through the productions of Phractle published via Overpowered Effects. You cannot escape the rhythms of the natural and your very senses will tingle after witnessing the tangible dreams, irradiating from withinside our third eye.

If your looking for a long winded biography and a message to echo for eternity, look no further than the productions published on the Phractle website. Not only does he produce media, he also consumes and likes to write guides on how to live free or die trying!

Perhaps, without the die trying part.

We’ll see…

Do not forget these influences as they will live on forever, whether you like them or not. Join the clue and click on an album and give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

While the rest of the variables are sorting themselves to joyfully march in file and rank, you are freed from the bounds of modern slavery and you are enabled to spread your wings and fly, with or without a purpose.

Have no fear, for Phractle is hear to lead you in the most righteous direction you can possibly fathom. Phractle wishes to remain as only a fragment of your imagination, so try not to get too carried away while undergoing the transition of the spirit.

Welcome to the abyss.