Birthday Wishlist

Not to be like the next selfish chum but I like to make myself wishlists to give my finances some direction and I like to think of all my purchases more as qualitative acquisitions or investments in intellectual property. Its always good to have goals and some of mine happen to be material. Read on if you would like to get an interesting look into what I hope to obtain for any of my upcoming birthdays. This is a list I feel may be long but should be imitated.

This list is a work in progress… and obviously some of my most expensive wishlist items would require upkeep which should be known before gifting any of these to me.

This list will be ordered by the amount of desire for each item and will start from top to bottom with the most desired item on the top and downward as the desire of each item decreases. Just know as you read through this that any of my birthday wishes granted will be honored in this list forever.

Reliable transportation
$1,000 for a temp car
This is the kind of car you purchase when your chips are down and you keep have to deal with empty hands.

$5,000 for a used car
Any kind of used vehicle will do with less than 150k miles and no mechanical or electrical malfunctions.

$20,000 for a new car
A new car would allow me to drive more frequently and for longer periods without fear of breaking down or risking my life.

$500,000 for a luxury car
Who wouldn’t want to roll around in a diamond on wheels? I mean come on this is the kind of thing dreams wouldn’t even allow.

$4,000,000 for a private jet
In between popup art conferences internationally would require speedy travel from destination to destination, country to country.

High performance computer

$2,500 for a laptop
Most of the work I do is on a desktop but mobility and accessibility are my main priorities and as it stands right now. I am not so much either.

$4,000 for a desktop
If I were to have an office, or some kind of location where I could do my work, I would rather a desktop workstation for all my heavy lifting.

$6,000 and $500 a month for a server
To host everything in a controlled remote location one must have the networking hardware plugged right in.

$1,000,000 annually for a high speed and high bandwidth ISP
Fiber optic connections, light speed hardware and streamlined software brings you the best quality content at the fastest speeds.

Home near a major city or downtown area.

$600 per month for a studio apartment
I need a roof over my head dummy. This is on my birthday wishlist since who wouldn’t want their rent paid for?

$2,500 per month for a downtown loft
Loft apartment would mean my living would be more focused around visual art as the open area wouldn’t work for audio engineering.

$100,000 for a moderate sized suburban house
A place where I could live and work would be ideal since I could make my dining room my home recording studio.

$250,000 to $1,000,000 for a large sized suburban house
This would mean my closest friends who would also be my business partners could live and work together in this kind of home.

Equipment and Software

$5,000 for audio engineering
I already have a legit version of FL Studio so I would invest in some dope MIDI controllers for live performance and some fresh VSTs.

$20,000 for video engineering
I’d love to direct and shoot film for all my music to tell one big epic story with all sorts of dramatic effects to emphasize the existentialism.

$50,000 and $1,000 per month for web engineering
Previously mentioned but for independent web engineering one must own and operate remote servers on a hardware level.

Food and beverage budget expense compensation

$200 per month to keep me alive
If my grocery and other food and beverage expenses were covered I would say I need about this much.

$4,000 per month for a chef
If I had the kitchen for it I would definitely want a personal chef to whip up foods for the family living at the place.

Travel budget expense compensation

$500 per month for fuel.
I would like the freedom to drive around the local area in the city that I’m living to really experience what the community has to offer.

$1,500 per month for airline and hotels.
This would make sense for attending conferences world wide and giving speeches on the optimal ways to build web brands.

Money for clothing, accessories and misc shopping

$100 per month to stay weather appropriate
Buy weather appropriate clothing to stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer and in between fall and spring fashion.

$500 per month to stay fresh all year
Include things like expensive shoes and quality apparel that you donate to goodwill after wearing a few times.

$1,000 per month to stay up to date
Staying up to date not only with what I wear but the expensive tools I’d use to work as well. This includes office supplies, obviously.

At the minimum to live moderately comfortable I would need to accumulate a source of income that can facilitate paying $25,300 annually worth in bills and to work and live to my fullest potential I’m looking upwards in the millions. In reality there are need to haves, nice to haves, and impossible to haves. Whatever in that impossible list is my goal to make possible. Those are 7 kinds of things and a few examples with approximate cost estimations to give you an idea of where I’m heading as far as financial investments are concerned. I’ll keep this list updated as more things cross my mind but I’m not a very materialistic person so I make do with the limitations I am presented with before me until it becomes an afterthought.