How to access Alphabay with TOR

Well well well… So you want to embark into the shadows? So you want to journey into the darknet to access the shade? You want to be a criminal or maybe your just curious to see whats accessible. Remember that its only illegal if you get caught and this method is a surefire way to keep you in the grey area.

For a more extensive and secure method of access check out this tutorial. They get deeper into details of using a VPN and PGP encryption that I mention at the end of this guide. This will help you to cover your tracks completely and to protect you from getting discovered if you were to make any transactions.

First, if all your doing is browsing, your gonna want to download The Onion Router (TOR) this is a secure browser that makes it difficult to discern what traffic is coming and going. That’s not to say you won’t get caught but there are definitely extra layers to security but I’m not here to build you a fortress, I’m only here to quench your curiosity directed toward the online black market.

Now that you have tor, you need to use tor address to access any site over the tor network. You can get a list of them by using search engines or you can use this one right here. It’s been said to be the easiest marketplace to browse and to make transactions with.

No hold the phone! Get your grubby hands off that Bitcoin this isn’t a guide to teach you how to buy illegal shit. This is a tutorial teaching you how to browse illegal shit, what you do from there is up to you. I’d be very careful not to make your purchase or acquisition pattern too repetitive because that’s how you get snagged by the cops.

Here is the current alphabay tor address that you should copy and paste into the tor browsers address input box. Now that your at the alpha bay front page you should see the option to register a new account. You will have to enter a few captchas to prove your not some bot trying to spam them.


If you’re feeling ballsy then make a purchase at this point but if you want to make sure your secure use a healthy combination of VPNs, proxies and PGP encryption. But this guide isn’t going to dive to deep into that aspect of the darknet. If it isn’t obvious already yes, you need to use Bitcoin in order to buy anything on Alphabay.

As of 13 July 2017: Alphabay as been seized by the feds.

As of 15 November 2017: Qusai contributes an article about the differences between vpn and proxies.

As of 21 June 2018: Madeline contributes a video about What is a VPN and How Does It Work?