How to start financing with spreadsheets.

Face it. Everyone needs money whether we like to admit it or not. The problem isn’t with the money, however. The problem is how the money is handled. More often then not currency plays an enormous role on all of our lives. The best part is being in control and being completely aware of how your finances work.

1.) Obtain document processing software.
Not everyone can afford to purchase doc soft so a good set to start would be a suite called Libre Office you can download, install and use free of charge. You can also use Google drive.

2.) Open your spreadsheet suite.
With Libra Office your spreadsheet software will be called, “Spreadsheets”.

3.) Save your spreadsheet
This ensures you’ll have a doc to refer to every time you need to handle your financial situation.

4.) Set up your columns.
The first row is your title row for all your bills. Each column header or the first column cell in the first row will be the title of each of your bills. Rent, Car Insurance, Utilities, Phone, etc…

5.) Setup your monthly rows.
Each row is going to be a monthly entry on the funds deposited either into debt columns or payments made to column bills. So skipping the title row each cell for reach row in the first column will be your month labels. January through December. You can make several of these sections divided by one row to represent month groups in a year.

6.) Set up your last row.
In the last row under each bill/debt column you can enter the full amount that you owe. Right underneath this row you and per associated column can set a math function to add all your monthly row payments and subtract your total debt in the column to output how much money you have left to pay if they are debts.

7.) Upkeep the debt sheet.
Every month enter in the cell how much you’ve paid that month and continue to every month until you pay off all your debts and all you have left are reoccurring bills like rent, utilities, phone, car insurance etc…

PROTIP: Use color coded cells to easily identify which bills or debts are processing or paid for.