How to take notes like a champ!

College season is beginning and all the students are gearing up for a complex learning experience. I have been going to college for the better part of a decade and have obtained knowledge in effective note taking. The method in which I take notes is digitally with a laptop or computer. My skills in note taking have carried over into taking notes and keeping my life organized and it can all be done with a text editor.

Firstly what you want to do is pick a good text editor to use for taking notes and organizing thoughts and ideas. I personally choose Notepad++ as it has a lot of good plugins and features that it offers that make it a little more advanced than just standard notepad. You can also use word processors but they are more for presenting documentation rather than for raw text editing. You can skip to the bottom of this guide to immediately access the examples that I’m explaining

From my experience in html documentation I tend to use the outline format where I have different tabs for different details and separated hierarchy of elements within the document. I do not use numerical or alphabetical notation unless I’m building a list of tasks. However I use indentation in all my notes.

Indentation is as simple as pressing tab to move over a line or section of text over to the right to indicate hierarchy of notation. So let’s say you got a header in a task document called, “School”. Every subsequent line underneath that header with indentation are different sections of text that would be involved in the school category.

Any text with the same lack of indentation on the school vertical alignment would be a category that is top-level like “School”. It could be “Work” or “Play” or anything you feel that is as big of a category as school and subsequently any indented lines or sections of text underneath would have to do with the higher level of notation as your first vertical alignment lines of text.

This follows the basic rules of the outline without having to worry about line numbering or organizing numerically or alphabetically which can be done after everything you need to remember is written up. So firstly you want to organize categorically with indents your main notes on thoughts or ideas before you numerate them for what could eventually be a task list.

Here is an example of taking notes with a text-editor before making it a task list:

Here is an example of taking a list of notes and making the into a task list: