Manage your year with simple text documentation.

So I can’t sleep. I don’t know if its the meds or if its my motivation but I’m here to give you a glimpse into how to organize your life one year at a time starting with monthly goals.

Here is an example text document that could be used as a template to help you with your year starting with your new years resolution and other goals you want to make and achieve or accomplish. Take full advantage of this format as it is yet to be proprietized.

You can also use numbers if you don’t like to name your months. This can act as a temporary calendar that you can manually set up in calendar software such as Google or Microsoft Outlook. Text documents are much easier to handle and organize.

As you know the tab format is a relative to the outline format but without the line numbering. Just keep in mind while you’re doing this you have full range and freedom to add as many sub topics and details as possible.

The rule of thumb is if its on a new line and it has something to do with the previous line then tab that line over one. If you think you’re clever you can invent your own line numbering systems to use symbols instead of numbers and letters.

PROTIP: Change each line’s hyphen (-) into a plus sign (+) after a task or goal as been achieved or a step of progress has been completed.