The Phractle network spans across many industries and many purposes. Below you will see a list of websites that are currently in his network and are actively receiving creative direction in some way, shape or form. These may be individuals or organizations. You can also visit my Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Steam, Newgrounds, Soundcloud and Discord.

Project 11:11
Extraordinary experience design for events of all types within both the entertainment and technological industry.

The patented denim weighted vest develop to assist in relieving stress and treating sensory disorders.

Kenny Harkins
The legendary jazz musician who has performed with many famous jazz names from Frank Sinatra to Louis Prima.

Frontier Setter
One of my oldest and bestest friends I grew up with on the Internet learning the digital reality that still surrounds us today.

Jessica Tritz
Similar industries, same college, we took some classes together and she is one of the best artists I know personally.

Sith Mercenaries
The Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 clan I joined during my competitive JK days.

Your Owners
The 1st hacking clan I entered back when I use to play war games, was the 3rd in command and made a level in its name.

Anarchy Arcade
One of the coolest VR games out their allowing you to customize your desktop experience in 3D.

Smith Engine
This game engine loads JK:DF2 resources and assets and enhances the experience of a very old Star Wars game.