Below is a list of all the projects Phractle is involved with building online. These sites below have distinct purposes and differences in the industry. Please check them out if you got the time to be informed on his direction. He uses progress meters to indicate how much work has been accomplished compared to how much work is currently being worked on as opposed to how much work is left. Phractle wouldn’t consider any of his projects to truly be absolutely complete since they are all on going.

Close to completion means sustainable.

Green Dream

18% Complete
21% Complete
Organization that believes the internet should not only be open-source but earth friendly as well.


10% Complete
10% Complete
Blog about myself as a citizen of Kalamazoo and soon how takes me around the world.


22% Complete
44% Complete
One of the first ever deathmatch leagues for any game that features rapid respawning gameplay type.


50% Complete
1% Complete
An html, css and javascript responsive template system.

Overpowered Effects

28% Complete
2% Complete
Overpowered Effects publishes beyond the realm of magic while functioning for all digital mediums.

Mobile Access Point

18% Complete
7% Complete
The map protocol starts as a professional gaming team and becomes a virtual user experience design dream team.

Gate 9

30% Complete
29% Complete
Intergalactic, multidimensional gateway that commemorates the creative effort of the consciously aware.

Crooked Grind Network

2% Complete
2% Complete
Internet TV channel that uses an embedded video playlist to aggregate skateboarding videos.


50% Complete
1% Complete
Who has been labeled as executive magician Noid Nullionair upgrades the way illusions are experienced.

If you are fascinated by these projects feel free to scope out the guides section of this website where one day, someday, USEFUL articles or tutorials will be published.