Sell your art with Bandcamp!

We’re all aware of our ability to be creative. We all dream that someday we can make a living using only our artistic ability. I decided that since I’m such an expert at all things Internet I’d write a guide for some of my friends who may want to sell their art using it.

Here’s a simple guide to get you started using Bandcamp. In an upcoming note I’ll generate a list of helpful and useful resources to get you started on becoming an Internet professional like me. Since, you know, being a professional means making money.

Go to this website:

Step 1.) You wanna start out by signing up for an account on BAND CAMP.

Step 2.) Make sure all your art is in lossless format, meaning no compression.

Step 3.) Upload your art using their interface.

Step 4.) Enter all necessary details about the art you’re trying to sell.

Step 5.) If everything looks right in the options section of your product, continue.

Step 6.) Copy link from address bar to your salable art and send to potential customers.

Step 7.) Reap the benefits of being able to earn money from selling your art!

This guide is pretty rudimentary. I wrote to help nudge some of my friends in the right direction to being able to be happy about the art they created first and foremost for themselves and to shed light on others in a mostly customizable fashion.