The Collective Guide on Obtaining Employment

Let me first introduce myself in context with the topic as I see it as a complex spaghetti noodle soup of twists and turns involving career experience related to the ins and outs of industry experience. This article will be a guide on how to obtain employment whether it be by applying directly, going through an agency or accepting incoming offers, you’ll be informed as to how to correspond to various situations as they arise. Obtaining employment is not a complicated process and it can start with what your currently able to do or what you can learn how to do along your career path if it involves that.

The basic requirements to obtaining a career job are:

  1. Be good at something and call it work.
  2. Know if it’s in demand.
  3. Be experienced with what you know.
  4. Be known for doing good work.
  5. Sell your original work.
  6. Establish income stream.
  7. Continued improvement.

I’ll expand on each step as I continue writing this article because this article is not yet complete. The basic idea is that you want to connect with people who are looking for what your good at doing. There are plenty of resources to go about doing this and some of them involve going through agencies or signing up and creating a profile on different social networking and job sites. The process can be similar for obtaining high skilled work vs low skilled work. The difference between white collar and blue collar is all in how you want to work.

Sometimes mind numbingly repeatable tasks are the way to go because you enter a state of meditation that allows you to accept reality in a higher state of consciousness.  This is comforting in and of itself and can really be beneficial to you if you experience stress on the regular so a manufacturing or assembly job might be up your alley, otherwise, you might want to seek high skilled work that isn’t as repetitive but is much more challenging like design. You’ll have to know which path you want to take in the long term before you really dive into the work because the career path you set yourself on will require time and dedication for you to grow into a niche.

I’ve created a video series on youtube called, “Get a Job with Phractle” where I go over the basic principles in gaining employment from my experience. Of course there’s more that can be added and maybe I shared a little bit of a different method but overall I believe I cover some important topics when it comes to getting a job. What I cover is resume building, coverletter writing, submitting applications directly and through agencies and job sites and accepting / negotiating offers.

Some job sites are:

Not all of them is better than the other for anything particular but you’ll have to see for yourself. Ziprecruiter has given me the best results so far but if you get onto any of these especially dice, you’ll get recruiting agencies who will reach out to you to help you get a job and will notify you of any jobs that become available as they open up. Really helpful and useful to have as many recruiting agencies try to help you as possible but you do not want more than one agency submit you to a job as that causes representation confusion. If you’re looking for more blue collared work you’d be more likely to find it with or any local agency in your area. Just google, “jobs near me.” You can also look in a phonebook for contact information of businesses where you can also apply directly.

This guide should be sufficient enough in getting you started on your journey to obtaining employment, getting a job, or just finding work to do in general. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or if you’re looking for tips on breaking through into an industry and calling top notch shots.